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The Claim Process

At Hallbrook we ensure the process is simple and hassle free.
Making a claim with Hallbrook couldn’t be simpler.

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Explain your share dealings with our friendly experts and they will quickly establish if you have a claim over the phone.

Customer Information Pack

If we believe you have a claim we’ll send you an information pack which includes all our terms and conditions.

Sign and return the forms

Once we receive your instructions to proceed you will be assigned your dedicated claims handler who will contact the FSCS to inform them of your claim.

We’ll keep you in the loop

Claims to the FSCS can take up to 6 months and longer in some cases but we’ll keep you updated at key stages along the way. Complaints to the firm and subsequently the FOS can take much longer. We make no guarantees on timeframes.

Who pays

On successful completion of your claim the FSCS will send a cheque to Hallbrook within 10 days. We’ll deduct our fee and issue you a cheque straight away. If it’s the firm or FOS then payment will be sent directly to you.


If your claim is unsuccessful but we feel there are strong merits to your case we will refer your claim to our team of solicitors who assist in appealing the FSCS decision. Don’t worry Hallbrook will pick up the bill even if the appeal is unsuccessful.

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The Parlimentary Review

The Parliamentary Review is a series of fiercely independent publications. It reviews the latest events in parliament from a non-partisan perspective, but it is wholly independent of government. Those companies which feature within the publication are not in any way endorsed by the Government, any government agency or regulator. For more information please visit the Parliamentary Review website

Hallbrook feature in the 2017 edition of The Parlimentary Review which is available to view here.