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Why we do what we do?

Whilst we are a commercial enterprise; every member of our team feels honoured to work for a business that where appropriate can help clients to seek their entitlement to financial redress by empowering them with the procedural and regulatory knowledge we have gained over the last 8 years

We are all proud of the fact that we have already helped thousands of clients recover literally tens of millions of pounds in compensation and we look forward to supporting new clients many years into the future.

It can be a very difficult and an expensive process to locate the former clients of all the financial institutions concerned, particularly as we can face some initial scepticism, concern or distrust from the very people we are trying to help.

These reservations are completely understandable, particularly when you have seen the extent of losses suffered by our clients, some of which were life changing and before we were able to reach them, many had written off their losses as they simply did not know what could be done or how to go about it.

For this reason we wanted to share some of the thank you letters we have received (personal details removed for security).

In addition, and if it would help, many of our former clients would be more than happy to discuss their Hallbrook experience with others who may have initial reservations about using our services.

Thank you letters - 2019

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Thank you letters - 2018

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Thank you letters - 2017

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Customer Testimonials

We are proud to have already helped thousands of clients recover tens of millions of pounds in compensation.

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Hallbrook feature in the 2017 edition of The Parlimentary Review which is available to view here.