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Have I been given unsuitable pension advice?

We will be happy to help but before we contact you please answer the following 4 questions to help us provide you with the best possible service.

If you answer ‘No’ to ALL of the questions then it is unlikely we will be able to assist, however if you have lost money as a result of investment advice then please click ‘dont’ know’ to each question before completing the contact form.

Once you’ve completed the short form we’ll send you some useful information related to pension mis-selling and some helpful links.

Q1. Were you advised to transfer your pension from a final salary scheme into a private pension?

Q2. Were you advised to transfer pension funds into a Self-Invested personal pension?

Q3. Were you advised to purchase non-standard or obscure investments within your pension, such as storage pods, land, hotel rooms, bio oil, carbon credits, CFDs, parking lots, etc?

Q4. Have you been advised to access your pension funds before the age of 55?

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Hallbrook feature in the 2017 edition of The Parlimentary Review which is available to view here.