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Who Are We

Hallbrook was established in 2008 by qualified financial professionals who have
a wealth of experience in many areas of financial services.


The company’s original raison d’etre was to provide information and research services relating to small and obscure companies in the stock market. Our belief then, which still remains today, is that bad investment decisions stem from a lack of information or false information. After all you can only make an investment decision based on the information you’re provided with. If that information is incomplete what chance do you have?

The Hallbrook ethos was established due to a significant amount of feedback from UK investors. Countless times we have heard stories about the misrepresentation of investments and inexperienced investors being left in the dark.

Over the years we have been shocked by the manner in which many FCA (FSA) regulated firms have operated. From the Pacific Continental and Square Mile mis-selling cases to the Keydata crisis and the collapse of Lehman Brothers, consumer confidence in the industry is at an all-time low.

At Hallbrook we provide a full representation service and will act on your behalf if we believe there is a case to answer. Most of the cases we take on are handled by experienced claims management professionals, however in instances where legal action is necessary we work closely with our legal advisers.

Claim Process

At Hallbrook we ensure the process is simple and hassle free, making a claim with us couldn’t be simpler.

The Parlimentary Review

The Parliamentary Review is a series of fiercely independent publications. It reviews the latest events in parliament from a non-partisan perspective, but it is wholly independent of government. Those companies which feature within the publication are not in any way endorsed by the Government, any government agency or regulator. For more information please visit the Parliamentary Review website

Hallbrook feature in the 2017 edition of The Parlimentary Review which is available to view here.